Matching Great Talents to Suitable Opportunities

The very essence of Vertis Global has laid in exceptional talent management plans through acquiring, hiring and retaining talented employees. We have always been successful in attracting and retaining great talent which is critical for achieving business goals. Vertis Global and its staffing and recruiting services can provide the best-in-class staffing and recruiting support you need to identify the right people who can support your organization’s growth and success story.

Flexible Staffing

We offer flexible staffing modalities to businesses to hire independent contractors, part-time employees, or temporary employees to fill a staff out. With fewer restrictions and legal requirements working with these employees is easy and cost-effective. Flexible staffing has numerous advantages over traditional employment strategies.

Permanent Staffing

We offer a wide range of Direct Hire services to augment an employer search efforts. We vet and conduct interviews with our subject matter expert (SME) before submitting any profile to a client. We make arrangements for face-to-face meeting with the job provider and thus help them assess and evaluate the right candidate for the job, saving cost and time.

Contract Staffing

We specialize in providing fresh / trained manpower on contract as per the specific requirement of the client. We select and match employees to the job provider’s work and environment. These people are taken on our payroll. We pay them regular salaries with statutory benefits and handle all the legal compliances and government regulations. We provide wider flexibility to our client’s by supporting with skill enhancement programs, providing single invoice each month, taking client’s manpower under our payroll if need arises etc.


While our employee is working with a client, the client has the opportunity to assess the candidate’s skill, work ethics and cultural fit. Once the contract period, we give the flexibility to client of taking the contractual manpower on its own payroll.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Vertis Global believes in aligning the right person with the right job. We develop recruitment plans that support successful onboarding of top talent. Our years of demonstrated experience in delivering cost-effective recruitment solutions have enabled organizations to successfully recruit, evaluate, and acquire talented workforce. We offer a comprehensive array of talent acquisition services for permanent hiring, contract hiring, contract-to hire openings and flexi-staffing.

General Recruitment

Vertis Global will do wonders for your recruiting efficiency, lowering your average cost per hire. Instead of sorting through hundreds of under-qualified resumes, screening potentially qualified candidates, and running background checks and drug screenings, you’ll receive qualified, pre-screened and tested applicants ready to contribute.

Government Services

Vertis Global is the independent staffing, recruitment and technology services leader. We always strive in understanding the technology issues and talent gap that exists in the federal government to develop consultant forecasting and addressing pressing issues and contributing to the government needs. We have built dedicated strategic business units (SBUs) to service our clients that include technology services, cybersecurity implementation, big data analytics, and staffing & recruiting.