Simplify your Search for Top Tech Talent (3Ts)

Scaling our Delivery Models Beyond Recruiting the Best Talent to Include Managed, Project-Based, and Outsourced Programs. Achieving business results on time, within budget, and according to quality standards requires a range of flexible delivery models.

Project Management

Today’s leaders must know which project management methods of work are best suited for different goals and which people are the best fit for the jobs at hand. So if you are looking to improve your project operations and achieve business goals on time and budget with a partner who can scale and flex service delivery models to meet your exact needs, Vertis Global group companies can deliver the support you need to accomplish your end-to-end project management tasks.

Talent Advisory Services

Attracting and managing of top quality workforce should be the priority of every organization. Vertis Global is a pioneer is managing your staffing goals by applying a data-driven approach. Our analytics are drawn from the available skill-sets in the local labor market coupled with economic factors that empower you to target potential quality workforce in the most effective way possible. With our talent advisory services you can now acquire talent quickly and effectively, even for difficult to find and niche skills. Our cost effective services helps employers cut down the time-to-fill while retaining quality talent.

Co-Managed Services

Vertis Global Co-Managed Services allow you to outthink the most perplexing challenges to experience the benefits of quick and efficient deployment. Whether you are an organization that prefers to outsource some or all of your operations – we deliver the right solution that helps you stay ahead of what’s next.

Talent Management Services

Manage your near-future recruitment processes by accessing our innovative talent management services. With Vertis Global talent management services, you can optimize your entire recruitment and retention strategy. Keep your workforce informed about the company’s vision and future plans. Get high-level graphical insights evaluating key performance indicators of employees that will satisfy key stakeholders. Optimize your future recruitments by getting insights mission-critical positions that will help your organization excel at all levels.