Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry

Helping Insurers Innovate, Gain Agility & Compete in the Customer-driven World!

True Impact

Focused Transformation

Without the Right Digital Strategy, an organization won’t thrive – and may not even survive. we understand these Strategic Challenges and opportunities and we have created Vertis Global Digital, a global digital business consulting practice focused on digital transformation. Here we help you accelerate digital possibilities to diagnose, ideate, visualize, evaluate, design, and implement solutions, and then measure true impact.

Policy Inquiry, Policy check and Policy shipment, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Application Underwriting, Data Entry & Initial Validation, and Client Relationship Management.

Insurance Segments

Bespoke digital insurance solutions are redefining the way business was done.

Vertis Global’s BI & Analytics solutions enable a set of insurance KPIs for decision making.

Improve underwriting efficiency with policy-based administration systems.

Process automation for vital activities – IT operations, and claims processing underwriting.

Manage an entire insurance processing cycle while reducing costs.

Have a more efficient operating model, accelerate underwriting, speed products to market and satisfy customers with more Personalized Experiences.

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