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Creating business value by protecting your cyber-scape from strategy through execution

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Our cyber security services offer tremendous monetary and non-monetary value within your organization. Minimally, an improvement in your security posture keeps confidential, classified, and proprietary business materials out of the hands of competitors. Beyond this, the right cyber security policies and protocols boost employee productivity by minimizing computer system downtime while optimizing your website’s uptime.

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Service Offerings

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Utilizing the power of AI and ML, our IAM service provides role-based access control, identity consolidation and centralization, protecting the systems against identity breaches and phishing attacks. It strengthens Identity perimeter and transforms Identity security as a firstline of defense.

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Threat Monitoring & Incident Response (SOCaaS)

Moving from traditional Security Operations Center (SOC) to Proactive Threat Monitoring & Incident Response helps you prevent threats before it could cause damage. Mphasis Cyber Defense Services helps transform your incident response preparedness.

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Application Security and DevSecOps

Applications provide digital access to enterprise resources. Our Application Security and DevSecOps offering provide end to end security of CI/CD pipeline. From securing your Infrastructure as code to automated application testing, intelligent vulnerability prioritization and remediation.

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Cloud Security

Cloud is the new normal, however, most organizations find their security program lacking to protect security on Cloud. Mphasis Cloud security services helps you to transform and extend your security program to protect your cloud based assets, while approaching it from four key perspectives -identity security opportunity, workload protection areas, data security strategy and leadership reporting.

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We understand the highly confidential and sensitive nature of clinical data. Vertis Global life Science is an ISO-certified Vertis Global flitty and follows the stringent information security guidelines of ISO IEC 27001, comprising access authorization and control, confidentiality security, and several other protective actions.